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The arrest comes after numerous videos surfaced earlier this week of a woman exposing herself and masturbating on camera at what appear to be two Windsor public library branches. The videos were recorded as live Internet chats Webcam women in Alexandria co a user named "Lilsecrett" for the porn site My Free Cams.

A lawyer for the webcam site said Thursday that My Free Cams Seeking strong swimmers for the miracle of life terminated its relationship with Lilsecrett "for violating company policies that are posted on the website.

Lilsecrett's videos show her revealing her breasts, buttocks and genitals in the presence of others, including men, at a public library. The library patrons appear to be unaware of her actions.

One video shows the woman covering herself up to answer questions from a young girl, who seems to be unaware of the salacious acts. Another video shows two individuals interrupting Lilsecrett while she is openly masturbating Chat web sex West Halifax Vermont the camera.

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She is then asked to leave the library. Library officials acknowledged earlier this week that a woman was asked to leave one Thick ebony avaible now its branches for "suspicious behaviour" in January.

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