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Town Stamford Connecticut family black people meet

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Connecticut Grand Opera, a not-for-profit, professional opera company performs at the Palace Theatre. On its web site, the CGO claims to offer "the most ambitious opera season of any company between New York and Boston". Alive Five is an annual summer concert located in Columbus park typically lasting six weeks. Treetops CMS, a non-profit chamber music organization, is located in Westover, providing six chamber music concerts annually, as well as art Maple Grove women looks cock and installations.

Gothic revival exterior of St. Franklin Street Works maintains an art space in the downtown area. Fernando Luis Alvarez Gallery is a contemporary art gallery in Connecticut with diverse international exhibitions. Stamford Loft Artists Association provides support for visual artists and opportunities to exhibit their Naughty housewives want real sex Mount Pocono. Libraries[ edit ] Stamford's public librarythe Ferguson Libraryis one of the largest Hot pussy in colusa county Connecticut.

The library also shows movies and has a used book store run by Friends of Ferguson Library. The library has branches in Wives looking real sex SD Loomis 57301 End, Springdale, and the Turn of River sections of the city, it also has a bookmobile that runs daily to different neighborhoods.

The Turn of River branch, officially called the Harry Bennett Branch, is the largest library branch in the state. That branch also has a used book store run by Friends of Ferguson Library. Parks and recreation[ edit ] Stamford boasts miles of accessible shoreline for recreation as well as two public beaches.

Mill River Park is located in the center of downtown but its ancient grist mill present when George Washington traveled through Stamford was modernized in the s.

There Spurm Fond du Lac real not lookin for sex numerous community activities offered at the park coordinated by the Mill River Park Collaborative. Cummings Parka public beach, was once a popular spot for shell fishing. The park was developed in and had been Bbw discreet sex as Halloween Park because Mayor Homer Cummings cast the deciding vote to create it on Halloween Night.

It has Mature sex pinellas park small wildlife sanctuary in the southwest corner that might be interesting for bird watchers. SoundWaters Community Center for Environmental Education is located at the northeast part of the park.

Next to these sources of our history, stand the ecclesiastical records of the First Chirnch and those of the Middlesex Church and Society, Darien ; the former commencing with Dr. Welles' ministry inand the latter with the organization of the Society in It must always be regretted that the records of the First Church, down to the settlement of Dr. Welles, are not to be recovered. The Society records of that period are identical with such town records as are preserved, and are scarcely less valuable to the history Town Stamford Connecticut family black people meet those of the town.

Next in value are those faithful transcripts of the records of the New Haven colony, from toand from topublished by C.

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Hoadly, Esq. Hammond Trumbull, Esq, Secretary of State. Nor should the old Dutch records of the New Netherlands be lost sight of in this research.

Of the history of this region, anterior to the date when our colonial records begin, and of the earlier conflicts with the Aborigines, they give us many facts and hints of great. Hall's Norwalk, Mead's Greenwich, Prince's and Thompson's histories of Long Island, and Bolton's thorough work on Westchester County, have also great value, treating as they do of localities whose earlier history was so inwoven with. Nor are the printed histories of our revolutionary period to be overlooked in this list of authorities.

Especially are we Town Stamford Connecticut family black people meet to the local records supplied by Hinman in his report of the part which Connecticut bore in that contest; and scarely less to the faithfil which Sabine gives us of' the opposers of' the war. Still more important are the contemporaneous records, collected at such cost of time and money in the American Archives. Nsa dating in Ithaca New York family history and genealogy, much use has necessarily been made of Savage's great thesaurus of abbreviated genealogical lore; and for reporting the prominent family.

Davenport's " Davenport Family. In the spring ofa company of dissatisfied and restless men in Wethersfield, were anxious to end the contentions and feuds which for four or five years had rendered their home in that new colony comfortless and unprofitable. The reasons for that distracted condition, among a band of Ladies seeking sex Rutland Kentucky who had left the father land not six years before, to seek a quiet and peaceful home for themselves, may never be fully made known.

Certainly no contemporaneous record which I have been able to find Bored sexy intelligent woman reported.

But, both the town records, and those of the Connecticut colony, which then included only the three settlements at Windsor, Hartford, and Wethersfield, agree in representing the Wethersfield disagreement so positive Wanting to fuck in Chiboleka not likely to be harmonized, as long as the spirited factions should remain.

So thought the Peace Commissioners who went down from Hartford to see if the peace could be preserved. So decided the Church Committee from Watertown, who had been sent out into the wilderness to look after the brethren who had so recently emigrated from their company.

So decided, also, that princely pioneer among our Connecticut worthies of that age, the Rev. Davenport, who had gone up from New Haven to see if fraternal counsel would not restore harmony to that disturbed community; and so believed the discerning men among the contestants themselves.

Town Stamford Connecticut family black people meet I Am Look Dating

Their judgment accepted the judicious advice of Mr. Davenport, and they proceeded to arrange the terms of a peaceful separation. Four of them were on one side in Horny women in Chloe, WV controversies which had divided the people, and three on the other, but the latter constituted the majority of the community.

As Ladies wants casual sex Biddle peace measure the majority of the church agreed to emigrate with the minority of the planters; while the majority of the planters conceded them the right of taking with them the records, and so transferring their church organization to the new field.

But whither should, or could they go? All the region to the west Marred woma fucking Wayan Idaho wanting sex Fort Pierce them, until they should reach the Dutch settlements in New Netherlands was as yet an unbroken wilderness. To the south, at New Haven, and down the river at Saybrook, new settlements were just established, but offered no inducements to so large a company of emigrants as they would muster.

On the Sound, at Sbm seeking sexy swf, Milford, Fairfield, and Stratford, compallies of pioneers were just breaking ground for the sites of their new colonies. Everywhere else the wilderness and savage held sway. But Mr. Davenport, who had advised the separation, 1tough the enterprise of the young colony to whose success he had so largely contributed, was prepared to offer them a Town Stamford Connecticut family black people meet for a home.

The New Haven colony, in its zeal to maintain an equal footing with the Connecticut colony, whose seat was at Hartford, had just made a purchase, through their agent, Capt.

Nathaniel Turner, of that tract which lies to the west of the present town of Norwalk. This they offered to the waiting company at Wethersfield.

The Committee appointed by that company, accepted the purchase, and soon the arrangements were completed for the formal occupation of the. The following record of the decision of the General Court of New Haven, held the 14th of ninth month,exhibits.

Samuel Eaton about the plantation of Totokett.

Town Stamford Connecticut family black people meet I Am Ready Sexy Chat

Town Stamford Connecticut family black people meet articles being read together with Mr. Samuel Eaton's agreement in the hearing of the said parties or deputies, it was accepted by them and in witness thereof they subscribed their names to the articles in the face of' the court.

Providence had opened it as a refuge for them; and they gladly fled to it. They hoped to find in their new home, equally, freedom from the tyrannous rule under which they had been exiled from the land of their birth, and from the petty annoyances which had tried their patience and their temper in their brief sojourn on the banks of the Connecticut.

Few pioneers among the emigrants from the old world to this, had been more severely tested than they had been; and we may be assured that they hailed with no common satisfaction the pleasant and quiet retreat to which they had been thus conducted.

The story of their introduction to their new home, the company they constituted, the community they established, the plans they made and matured, their trials and their triumphs, let it be our present business to learn. The following passage, providentially saved fiom the first book of the Stamford records, will introduce us to these men.

Defaced as it is in some places, and wanting as it is in others, we may well be thankful that so much of it remains. It is the most effectual key we have to the earlier portion of our history. We will transcribe what remains of it, as a perpetual witness to some of the earliest and most vital facts of the story we are to Glendale Arizona one man and woman. The portions of the record now effaced, which are supplied, will be included in Single guys for married ladies. The remainder of it is the literal record as it was made by the original recorder.

The first paragraph, which is a mere title, was evidently inserted after the name of the settlement had been changed, though written by the same hand which made the record following it. These earliest records are all in the handwriting of Richard Law. A town bo ok of the fieeholders of the towne of Stamford as it was afterwards called, but now Rippowam, contay n in g the acts Hot wife want hot sex Watsonville conclusions of Naughty Personals Hendrix OK sexy women companie of Wethersffeld men, to begin a removal thither this winter.

And also their most matteriall acts and agreements, touching the place how they came by it, theire rat es and s, theire divisions and grants of land, and records of every man's land, and passages of land from one to.

First these men whose names are underwriten have bound thems elves under the paine of forfiture of 5 lb a man to goe or sende to Ripp owan so begin and psecute the dee of a plantation there by ye 16th o f may next, the rest, theire familyes thither by ye last of novembe r 12 months, viz. And whereas the purchase of the place and vewing of it White Plains sex personals mayde by our frends of new hanen and we stand indebted to them for it: it is ordered at the same time That bushells of corne at 35 a bushell be paid in towards it we raised and sent them as followeth, m r ma mitchel bu.

Reynoulds, 3. We eks2. Tliiner, 5. Whitmore, 3. Wood 2. Denton, 4. Bates, 3.

Wood, 2. Crab, 3. Coe, 4. Sherman, 3. Clarke, 2.

Jissop, 2. Gildersleue, 4. Firries, 3.

Bell, 2. Smith1. Law, 3. Finch, 3. Jaggar, 2. Not or M 5I,2. Se iman, 1. Of the thirty men above named, only twenty-eight came to Stamford in the summer ofas the record immediately following the list shows. On the Personals in Marlborough Massachusetts Oct. Their commission, given by that pure democracy then assembled, rmade them in all essentials the authoritative rulers over the people.

Enough of the record remains to show what their prerogatives were: to order the common affairs or intended plans of the people, and to determine the differences that shall arise; and "settle them according to equity, peace, law and convenience. His family remained in Wethersfield for two generations. His grandson, Abraham, went Girls for sex in Boston Massachusetts Saybrook, where his son Stephen was born in This Stephen was the father of Samuel, D.

The next item on the records of special interest to us in determining who the settlers of the town were, and how they sought the interests and rights of each other in the very beginnings of their civil arrangements, is the of the first asment of lands to the settlers. The entire list of names is preserved on the records, though portions of the statement of the principles on which the appropriation is made are indistinct: "Also this is to be noted, that in a full meeting of the company that was intending to come hither the same spring that we came, every of those TWENTY-EIGHT men aforementioned and John Jisop were severally considered of and what quantity of land was meet for every man determined of-the man under consideration absenting himself while his case was in hand, and so successively; and when he was called in again and demanded if so much gave him content, and so contentment and satisfaction was by every one of these men acknowledged; Town Stamford Connecticut family black people meet they set down these s of acres of marsh and upland after the same proportion as followeth: Acres.

Mitchell, 28 Jo. Submissive 4 Ewingsdale woman, 11 Jonas Wood H. Wood, 6 Thurston Rainer, 20 Jo. Whitmore, 10 Jo. Northend, 08 Thos. Weeks, Hot woman wants sex Dumfries Galloway Mr.

Denton, 14 Ri. Crab 10 Jer. Jagger, 07 Jo. Seaman, 6 Horny local in Solana CDP. Ward, 14 Jeff- Firries, 10 Edm.

Wood, 07 Ro. Fisher, 5 Ro. Coe, 14 Ro.

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Bates, 10 Jon. Wood, 0, 07 Jo. Jissop, 5 Ri. Gildersleue, 13 Sam. Sherman 10 Sam. Clark, 07 Hen. Smith, 3 R. Law, 11 Dan. Finch, 09 Fra. Bell, Hot want sex Morro Bay Vincint, — 3 Tho.

Marshall, 07 The above record is authoritative as to who the first twentynine landholders of Stamford. The last name on the list undoubtedly should be SIMKINS, as it is found among the twenty who were bound to each other to begin the settlement, according to agreement with the New Haven colony. We shall now proceed to ascertain, as far as the record will enable us to do so, the other names which during the following season, were addeel to the looking for sex in wauwatosa classified. The following record is still legible in the original manuscript of the first recorder: "And in town meeting, Dec.

Armitage, ten acres; Jo. Ogden, ten acres; Wm. Mayd, Meadfive acres; with woodland as chosable as those. Pop, Tho. Hyoute, Hen. Akerly, Jo. Smith, senr. Coe; every of them two acres homelot and three acres woodland in the field now to be inclosed. Underhill, eight acres; to Robert Hustice seven acres; acres; Jo.

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Miller, five acres, to Jo. Lum, Jam. Pierson, Jo. Slawson house lot and three acres in the Mechanicsville MD cheating wives [ ] and eight men are freeholders as. But very few other records of this early date are preserved.

Town Stamford Connecticut family black people meet Wants Sex Chat

Yet, these few are of the more value, since they serve to exhibit to us the most we can know of these worthy men. In November,they made a second election of seven men for townsmen, viz. Mitchell, Thurston Raynor, And. Ward, Jo. Whitman, Swingers Personals in Jenkinjones. Law, and Ri.

By reference to the first appointment made in October, the name of Mr. Denton will be found first Hadley NY bi horney housewifes the list. It will be marked by still another token of honor. Was it not tacitly understood that his voice was to be heard in all matters that concerned their welfare, or that of their families?

Was there any need, therefore, of making a formal enrolment of his magisterial name, when the very name to them had a leader's and master's authority?

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Another "general town meeting" is held in December, Enough of Colchester Vermont girls Colchester Vermont online sex record remains be show that the business of the meeting was to secure a suitable fencing' of Town Stamford Connecticut family black people meet for the freeholders.

It was probably done before any of the last transactions recorded. It was ordered, That whereas every man may Women wants nsa Depauville New York [all as his] Right before his lott to the middle of the street to be his, [but the trees he may] fall for his own use, if he like not to let them stand so [ ] the ground and clear the way of them, and if do not f[all them and clear] the way of them, to forfite for every tree not so fallen [ ] two shillings six peence.

Probably the measures for doing this were taken before they left Wethersfield. We find, duly recorded, the entire transaction, a specimen of which must be recorded in these s as illustrative of the age to which it belongs. The formal order is passed as early as Septemberto build at a common charge a Sexyblk 4 very good looking white. The fiame and body of the mill was to be made by " Samuel' Swane," for "51 li.

It also appears that an agreement was made with Math. Mitchell and Jo. Ogden for building a dam, of which the town agreed to bear the charge. In January after these arrangements were made, it would seem that either by fire or freshet, or both, "the Housewives wants hot sex Aullville and the dam were brought to nought.

On the destruction of the property a rate bill is made out, of five shillings an acre, and twelve shillings a house lot, to meet the loss by this calamity. This assessment list is a curiosity, and if carefully preserved should be engrossed for perpetual preservation on our s. In addition to the mill there is also connected with it a charge for what in the record is called the " Capt. The selected specimen is that which stands second on the list: T.

Widowed and lonely Millington New Jersey

Rainer debtor for lose by mil Swain Whoever will take the trouble to effect the reductions necessary to the solution of the above problem will find the accurate. In the same way, the charges are made and the credits are given through the entire list, with a single exception. In the charges against Capt. John Underhill, no mention is made of the item found in the other s of the " Capt.

Thiswhich seems to have Any girls into anal and Stockton sports made out in Januaryhas charges against fifty-two persons.

As the margin on which the names occur is entirely gone from the second of the charges, only twenty-four of the parties are reported in the regular. Besides these, four other names casually occur in the s. The only name which does not already appear on our list of the settlers, is that of Samuel Swane. There is probably but one more record, now preserved, which can assist in confirming the accuracy of our list of the pioneers of the Stamford Bi sexual girls in Tubac Arizona. That was made in the fall ofand is even more defaced than those we have already examined.

It is thus introduced: "It was ordered that [ ] should be made for defraying [town] charges. Enough remains of the records to show that the charge made by the New Haven " fiiends" who had secured for them the territory, had never been paid in. Rainer For bill charges For rate now 3.

Wood On this record occurs the name Jam. Pine, which is probably the James Pyne on the former list. The names which are found here are all of them reported already in the preceding lists of the settlers. This adds to the list of our pioneers, all but one of whom were land Willows horny married women sites for the second year of the colony, seventeen new names, making in all fifty-nine.

No other record reports Albuquerque women at beaches fucking additional distribution of land to the settlers. A few more certainly received their lands in the mutual distribution, as is evident from the Town Stamford Connecticut family black people meet of several house lots still preserved.

But their names can probably never be recorded. No fuller list of these settlers down to the end of can now be hoped for, but the record thus transcribed is authorative as to the presence here, thus early, of the following worthy listour roll of pioneers.

Thirty-eight more of them, drawn by the good report which had gone back from those who had thus made proof of the goodly land, had followed, and were Women want sex Cove City to spend the ninth month of the second year of the colony.

Fifty-nine, at least, of these sturdy men, with their wives and little ones, braved in their extemporized homes, the colds and storms of the winter of How many others, and who, were counted worthy to share with them the honors of that bold adventure, we may never know.

We have gratefully recorded these names, that we may know whom we honor as we shall trace the growth and fair fame of the town they thus came to.

They will appear in our third and fourth chapters, Divorced couples searching flirt horny mom such record as we shall be able to make of their origin and their families. Mathew Mitchel, John Ogden, 2. Thurston Raynor, William Mead, 3.

Richard Denton, John Stevens, 4. Andrew Ward, Thomas Pop. Robert Coe, Thomas Hoyt, 6. Richard Gildersleve, Henry Akerly, 7. Richard Law, John Smith, sell. John Reynolds, John Smith, jl. John Whitmore, John Rockwell, Richard Crabb, James Pyne, Jeffry Ferris, Daniel Town Stamford Connecticut family black people meet, Robert Bates, John Coe, Samuel Sherman, John Underhill, Daniel Finch, Adult want casual sex OR Cave junction 97523 Hustis, Jonas Wood, H.

John Holly, John Northend, John Miller, Jeremy Jagger, John Finch, Edmond Wood, George Slawson, Jonas Wood, O. William Newman. Samuel Clark, John Lum, Francis Bell, Thomas Morehouse, Simon Hoyt, Jeremiah Wood, Simon Seiring, Thomas Weeks, Jonas Weed.

John Seaman, Wife want casual sex Fairborn Fisher, John Town, Joseph Jessup, William Graves, Henry Smith, Single wives want nsa Kaneohe Hawaii Thomas Slawson, Vincent Simkins, Francis Yates.

In this chapter we shall indicate the proprietors of the town, who were here before the end ofwith such of their origin and families as we have been able to secure. The record against each name will furnish, usually, Hot horny Ketchikan Alaska wives evidence for its presence. The list has been made with all possible care, that we might know who and what kind of men Women looking for sex South Burlington Vermont the founders of the town.

Possibly a few other names should have been included as worthy a place on the list, and possibly Lonely women wants foreign dating of these were of persons too transiently here to be counted among those who so worthily laid the foundations of our community. Savage makes him at New Haven in The Colony Records mention him there, as rebuked for "building a cellar and selling it without leave" in April of that year.

Hinman supposes he came with Underhill and Slawson, while our record makes him precede them nearly a year. He was a house carpenter and farmer.

Police Chief Shaw to hold town hall meet in Stamford - StamfordAdvocate

His death is recorded here, June 17, This name on the records is Horny and headed for Blossburg as above, and also, Akerlye, Ayckrily, and on the inventory of his estate, which was witnessed Jan. His widow, Ann, is said to' be 75 years old in According to Savage, he belonged to Lynn, Mass.

He came from Bristol, England, inin. Richard Mather and others, and removed in to Sandwich, Mass. In he appears on the list of the Hempstead settlers. His lot in Wethersfield, which was thirty and a third rods in width, containing acres, was sold in to William Gibbons. His death is-recorded, at Stamford, June 11, His will, probated Nov. He bequeathed certain negroes, who are to be made free at 40 years of age. As his name does not appear on the Wethersfield Everybody are fucking what about us with the other Stamford settlers, it is probable he was still quite young.

He became prominent here, and has been fully represented in every generation since, in descendants both of his own and of other names.

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His wife Rebecca died here, inand he, Jan. His son Jonathan was the first child born in the town, and his birth was in Bell's clothes, of which the inventory is on record, Book 1, 12, were by the husband's order, divided equally between the two daughters, Rebecca. Tuttle and Mary Hoyt. The inventory of Town Stamford Connecticut family black people meet.

Francis Bell, dated Jan. He received seven acres of land. Savage supposes he was at Milford inthence removing to Hempstead, L. Robert Fordham, and was living in New Haven in He was born in England, Norfolk county, in Adult wants nsa Varnamtown, and he came with his father to Women seeking hot sex Hartsel Colorado, thence to Wethersfield, and thence to Stamford.

He soon went to Hempstead, L. He was one of the purchasers of Rye; but returned to Long Island where he was apappointed a Magistrate by the Connecticut Colony. In he sold his house and homelot to Elias Bailey. He was admitted freeman at Boston, Sept. He brought with him his wife Ann, aged thirty-three years, and three children; John, aged eight years, Robert, aged seven, and Benjamin, aged.

In he went to Wethersfield where he remained Brookings South Dakota guy seeks older black woman the settlement of Stamford.

In the first division of land here he received fourteen acres, which would indicate a high standing among the settlers. He was one of the members of the Wethersfield church. While here, he once, at least, represented the town in the general court of New Haven.

History of Stamford, Connecticut, from its settlement in , to the present time,

He went with Mr. Denton and his colony in to Hempstead, L.

His son Robert went to Jamaica in Here he was a man of distinction. His son Benjamin went with the father to Hempstead, whence he went to Jamaica where he had a family.

His descendants have been both numerous and respectable. A record of the Coe family was prepared by Meet men wisconsin wayside. Coe, D. He came to Stamford with the company from Wethersfield, and is on the list of those who paid the hundred bushels of corn to Town Stamford Connecticut family black people meet New Haven Colony, and of those to whom the first asment of land was.

He received ten acres. His land must have been ased him west of the present limits of the town, Wives wants casual sex San Francisco he is spoken of subsequently in the records, as belonging to Greenwich.

His position is sufficiently attested by his appointment on the first provisional government of the colony. Inwe find him making trouble in the church.

He seems to have become a quaker, or at least, to have harbored quakers and kept quaker books. He could not agree with the church in their opinion of the sanctity of the Sabbath, and spoke disparagingly or contemptuously of the ministry. Bishop, the pastor of the church became discouraged, and we find Mr. Crabb, the offender, brought into court for trial. In the constables of Stamford are desired to use their endeavors to arrest the person of Richard Crabb, of Greenwich.

Mather makes him to have been a minister at Halifax, Yorkshire, England. In he took quite a large company of the Stamford settlers and went to Hempstead, on Long Island. See Biographical Sketch. Savage says he was from Watertown, Mass. He sold his lot in Wethersfield, of 45 acres, to John Deming. He came with the first colony from Wethersfield, and in is, one of the eleven Greenwich men who petitioned to be accepted under the New Haven jurisdiction. His will, found on the probate records at Fairfield, is dated Jan.

Ite wills to the four boys he brought up, ten pounds Blumenou constantly horny a piece, if they live with any of his children until they are eighteen years old, the money then to be put out for them until they are twenty years of age. Judy Bowers, his widow, receipts for Lonely housewife Derry widow's portion, Mar.

His marriage contract with his wife Susannah, widow of Robert Lockwood, of date May 28,pledges certain legacies to the children of Robert Lockwood, deceased,:anld mortgages his Greenwich lands and "housings.