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I want someone to come lick me right now

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iStockphoto Don't be offended if your dog doesn't lick you. He may prefer to show his affection in other ways.

Dogs wash our faces, French kiss us and bathe our feet. Many dogs love to lick us as well as themselves.

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Their reasons for doing so range from mundane to medical. The Lick of Love We are large bodies of salty goodness. Even better, they get attention from us when they lick us.

Dogs may lick us to let us know they love and respect us — and by the way, could we drop a little treat in their direction? One intangible reward they receive Horny cougars fucking Leintwardine their licks is a physiological turn-on — the release of feel-good hormones called endorphins.

A of Trouble Sometimes licking can be a of a health problem, believe it or not.

That could indicated infected anal glands, for instance. And a dog who frequently licks his paws or body may be suffering the itch of allergies. In other instances, dogs who lick frequently for no apparent reason may be Hot girls in Columbia ma a gastrointestinal problem.

A closer look at their health may reap a diagnosis of inflammatory bowel disease or some other type of GI disease. If your dog isn't a licker, don't fret — just enjoy your saliva-free life! More Naughty housewives want real sex Knoxville Vetstreet:.